Why ProSphere

Why ProSphere


At ProSphere, it’s all about your mission.  We put our customer’s first in creating and deploying critical technology and management solutions and services.  In a word, we are passionate about delivering lasting value to our clients.


Our Philosophy

We are community oriented: we help our neighbors, take care of those in need and are environmentally friendly.

We maintain a Vets first hiring practice.

We are family-friendly, and provide the best possible benefits to our employees and their families.


Partnering Commitment

At ProSphere, we seek to establish mutually beneficial relationships by honoring and respecting our business partners and providing enhanced service delivery to our customers.


Customer Pledge

At ProSphere, we pledge to be a “respected, best-value, quality-driven” company.



Maintain an honorable code of conduct at all times.


Core Values

Commitment to the mission, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement

Integrity in all our dealings

Respect for all

Quality of service and solutions

Accountability for our actions

Service excellence as a trademark of our approach

Work-life balance to ensure job satisfaction and continuity



Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business


Headquartered in Alexandria, VA, and with offices in Austin, TX and Denver, CO, ProSphere is delivering IT services nationwide.


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